How to Prevent Pimples Effectively?

How often have you looked in the mirror to check your pimple flaring up? Pimple pain is caused more in your mind than on your skin. And you might be wondering what to do about it – isn't it?

Admit it –your skin is acne and pimple-prone. But considering it as a skin issue might be your big mistake. It's a condition, and you must search for a method that caters to your skin demands.

In simple words, pimple-prone skin means breakouts occur quite further. Furthermore, we will learn about how to prevent pimples in easy steps.

An Overview of the Prevalence of Pimples

While pimples start from early puberty, it also affects adolescents and adults. So how prevalent are pimples in men and women? Simply put, it is an inflammatory skin condition that affects your face, back, and chest. The prevalence of adolescent acne is more than that of young men and women. Stats suggest that around 40% of men and 54% of women above 25 years experience it.

How to Prevent Pimples?

Anyone experiencing persistent acne understands how challenging it becomes to heal your skin. You need to dedicate yourself to a proper skincare regimen to prevent pimples.

Did you know healthy lifestyle activities and diet also contribute to reducing the chances of developing pimples? Yes, you read that right. Besides holistic skincare habits and lifestyle changes, you must use the right skincare products. If you can, please opt for natural remedies, which are also excellent for reducing pimples. But first, let's learn the causes:

Outlining the Prime Causes of Pimples

Well, pimples have three prime causes:

  • Excessive oil production
  • Not shedding the dead skin cells
  • A specific bacteria on the skin in an excessive amount
  • When these three factors combine, there are high chances of you getting pimples/acne. But note that it might also occur due to hormonal changes, stress, poor diet and lifestyle, and more.

Skincare Habits That You Can Embrace

Refer to the following skincare habits to follow daily:

  • Wash your face every time you step inside your house (or in the morning and before getting off to sleep). It is advisable to wash your face twice once in morning and the other before going to bed.
  • Don't neglect the importance of a moisturizer
  • Consider over-the-counter pimple treatments that contain sulfur, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide
  • Use a sunscreen gel (more preferably) whenever you get exposed to the harmful rays of the sun

Diet and Lifestyle Changes You Can Consider

Follow these lifestyle and diet habits to get clear skin:

Keep yourself hydrated because an adequate amount of water inside your body can prevent pimples

  • Limit the use of makeup
  • Ensure you do not touch your face more often
  • Stop being a pimple picker/ proper (restrict yourself from this bad habit)
  • Maintain a proper diet chart, and please avoid or restrict foods like refined sugars, alcohol, processed foods, and dairy products

Which Products Are Best for Pimple-Prone Skin?

While choosing pimple-prone skin products, ensure to include these in your buying wishlist:

  • A cleanser with active pimple-fighting ingredients like Salicylic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants, etc.
  • An exfoliant containing lactic, glycolic, citric, or mandelic acids
  • A gel-like moisturizer that's water based
  • A serum containing Vitamin C improves collagen production
  • Spot treatments and masks with active ingredients
  • Sunscreen that contains pimple-fighting ingredients
  • Pimple patches or Acne corrector

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Prevention while Wearing Makeup

It might sound illogical and dangerous to wear makeup, that too, over active acne. But there are times when you can't hold yourself back. Flaunting that white dress and neglecting to wear makeup would make you look the odd one out at your best friend's wedding.

Plus, if the right application of makeup can hide that pesky pimple, would you be anywhere guilty? The answer is a big no. So, here's your list of pointers to wear makeup safely with an active pimple on your face:

  • A clean face is your beginning point
  • Try out an acne patch before you paint your face with the foundation
  • Use clean sponges and makeup brushes (dirty ones are breeding grounds for bacteria)
  • Go for sulfur and paraben free makeup products only
  • Mineral makeups are your go-to choice when pimple-prone skin is in question
  • Avoid matte makeup because they dry out your skin and cause pores to produce more oil (you thought it was a great option for pimple-prone skin? But it's not)

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A Concluding Thought

Now that you understand how to prevent pimples on the face, let's not waste further time. Be mindful of your hygiene habits, eat healthy, and apply the right ingredients to your face. With these things covered, you are going to love the appearance of your face in a few days.

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