The Ultimate Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

Does your skin also become oily often? Do you experience oily T-zones and frequent breakouts? It is most likely due to lack of a proper skincare routine for your skin type. A skin routine for oily skin will meet the needs, and care of such skin keeps the moisture in and the skin hydrated.

What is Oily Skin, and How Can You Keep it Balanced?

You already know that it is sebum that produces oil for our skin. The normal production of sebum keeps the skin hydrated and moisturised. However, many people have excess sebum production causing their skin to become oily that can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. But one can maintain supple skin with the correct skin care routine for oily skin.

When balancing oily skin, one cannot control the hormonal factors that lead to excess sebum production. However, one can control their skincare routine to curb excess sebum production. Using the correct products that suit oily skin is the first treatment step. Read on to learn how to maintain a proper routine and use the right product formulation to change the texture of the skin.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Developing a Daily Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

The oily skin care routine is detailed as it strives to nourish, moisturise and care for the skin. The goal is to remove the excess oil from the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. People with oily skin must follow an in-depth routine. Read on to know how you should follow the routine.

Double Cleansing Is the Latest Skincare Trend

Cleansing or cleaning the skin is the key to removing all the dirt from the face. But what is the craze of this double cleansing in skincare for oily skin? Double cleansing is a method of cleansing your face twice: first, with an oil-based cleanser and then after that, with a water-based cleanser.

Double cleansing is a gentle way to exfoliate the skin. It effectively eliminates excess oil and exfoliates dead, dry skin cells while preserving the skin's natural oils.

When you follow a proper skincare routine for oily skin, it helps in maintaining moisture and prevents your skin from feeling dry. Double cleansing is highly beneficial in removing all the bacteria from the dermis. It deep cleanses the skin and removes the oil, dirt and bacteria from within the skin pores and cells. It leaves the skin clear, making it easy for other products to penetrate.

Avoid Products with Too Much Alcohol

Skincare products with high alcohol content are not ideal for the skin. Even though such products give a matte finish initially, they tend to exacerbate the oiliness. The alcohol strips the natural moisture and oils from your skin, making your skin dehydrated and forcing it to produce more sebum and exposing it to irritants. Try to avoid alcohol products in your daily skincare routine for oily skin.

Use A Toner

A toner is the next product on the list of must-have skincare items for oily skin. The toner provides the appropriate level of hydration. Due to blockage, the pores enlarge and become clogged by excess sebum as dirt and dead skin cells accumulate. Dead skin cells can be removed with the toner, leaving behind soft, immaculate skin.

Unlike soaps, which deplete the skin's natural oils and upset its pH balance. Toner helps in balancing the skin's pH level and also aids in pore reduction. As a result, there is no irritation if toner is used.

The toner aims to give the skin an additional deep cleanse. Any excess dirt or pollutants still on the skin are removed by the toner. It works wonders for getting rid of extra makeup and sebum.

The toner offers moisturising qualities in addition to its ability to remove impurities, and it demonstrates how to balance oily skin. Water-based toners quickly hydrate the skin. Cucumber and rose extracts, which are commonly found in toners, moisturise and cool the skin. It also preps the skin well for other products to penetrate it smoothly.

Oily Skin Also Needs Moisture

Now that you have cleansed and toned your skin, you need to moisturise it. Your skin needs moisturising to retain the hydration which keeps it supple. For moisturisers, there are two options- water-based and oil-based. For oily skin, a water-based moisturiser is the best choice. The water-based moisturiser has the best ingredients for oily skin.

Such moisturisers have a light formula, so your skin can absorb it seamlessly. It also does not sit on top of your skin like heavy moisturisers. Using non-comedogenic moisturisers does not clog your pores and cause any breakouts and pimples.

Do Not Forget to Use Sunscreen in Your Skincare Routine

Just cleansing and moisturising is not enough for your skincare routine for oily skin. Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is quite important. Sunscreen is the holy grail of the skincare routine. The sunscreen shields your skin from harmful sun rays and provides photoprotection.

Sunscreen has vital skin-tightening proteins that keep the collagen intact and maintain moisture in the skin by preventing dryness. Therefore, it also reduces the rate of ageing and sagging of the skin making you look younger and radiant.

Using sunscreen in your oily skin care routine also reduces the chances of skin cancer. Prolonged exposure to the Sun can lead to cancer. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to utilise its full benefits. Also, the best thing about sunscreen is that it suits all skin types. So, even people with oily skin can add sunscreen to the skincare bucket list.

Under Eye Cream for Night-time Skincare Routine

With the needs for your skin sorted out, let's focus on the under eyes. They are the most sensitive part of the facial skin. Taking care of your under eye will ensure proper blood circulation otherwise they will sag and wrinkle faster.

The oily skin routine can help you to use the right products to tighten and brighten the under eyes. It forms a protective barrier that moisturises, hydrates and softens the skin around the eyes.

Product Ingredients That Work Best for Oily Skin

Now that you know the steps to the skin routine for oily skin, you must know the right products or ingredients you can use for your skin. Here are a few ingredients that you must have for your skin type:

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid controls overzealous oil production. Its anti-inflammatory properties eliminate the excess oil and soothe any breakouts. It cleanses and hydrates the skin. You can use it after cleansing to minimise the sebum and your pores.

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Gel Moisturisers

gel moisturisers are a great option for a daily skincare routine for oily skin. These moisturisers hydrate without causing any flare-ups of the skin.


Make sure to choose the products with the best ingredients for oily skin. The right skincare routine can provide an extra glow and hydration to your skin. You will notice the difference as you follow the regular skincare routine. Get spotless, hydrated skin in a matter of weeks.” with “when you follow the skincare routine and get spotless, hydrated skin in just a few weeks.

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